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rel0020 Cast iron cross (cross-roads)
Cast iron cross (cross-roads) circa mid 1800's, with flowers and leaves (Paris)

rel0019a Assorted smaller crosses
Selection of lovely crosses and crucifixes dating from mid 1880's to early 1900's
- $395.00

rel0018 Large Crucifix (from cross-roads)
Large Crucifix (from cross-roads) circa mid 1800's from Paris region. Painted silver sometime in France, could be sandblasted back to original iron.

rel0017 Cast iron cross-road crosses
Cast iron cross-road crosses from Paris, circa mid 1800's
- $3500.00

rel0016 Mid 1800's cast iron crucifix
Mid 1800's cast iron crucifix entwined with leaves and flowers (Paris)

rel0015 Magnificent cast iron Crucifix
Magnificent cast iron Crucifix entwined with sunflowers and leaves (1800's, Paris)

rel0008 Crucifix
Crucifix circa 1895 (Normandy)

rel0005 Crucifix
Crucifix (Normandy)