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furn0880 Vintage bench seat
Vintage bench seat from Cheniers, France (folds)

furn0860 Painted Antique Armore
Lovely antique armoire from Lille, France, in the style of Napoleon III, circa 1870. Fully shelved inside.

furn0587 Antique Porte Manteau
Beautiful Porte Manteau (hat, coat rack) from Chenerailles, France. Oak is from the late 1700's, and was fashioned into a porte manteau circa 1900.

col0400 Antique Sugar Canister
Very pretty enamel sugar cannister from central France, circa 1910

furn0577 Vintage Corner Unit
Attractive corner unit from France made from fruitwood.

furn0554 Pair of painted French vintage chairs
Pretty pair of painted vintage French chairs (style Louis XV) from Limoges, France.

furn0553 Painted Antique Enfilade
Painted antique enfilade from Limoges, France. Dating around 1900, this sideboard measures 2.3m in length, with 4 drawers and 4 cupboards.

0552 Antique Chestnut Farm Table
Lovely antique chestnut dining table with simple lines from Limoges, France - circa 1850. Measurements : 180cm l, 72cm h,74cm d.

furn0546 Italian King Bed
Beautiful Italian king size bed, bought in Lille, France. Circa 1900.

furn0540 Basque Coffre/Banc
Vintage coffre/banc (chest/seat) from Limoges, France. In the basque style. Great for entrance way, put shoes inside....