The Velosolex was launched in France in 1946, just after WWII. Since then, over 8 million have been sold. Now rebranded, under the name “Black’N Roll”, the modern version of the earlier Velosolex S3800, the S4800 are now assembled by a highly skilled team of engineers, known as Mopex in Courrieres, France. They are made with components from France, Asia and other EU countries to a very high standard.

The lightweight Black’N Roll S4800 motorised French bicycle can easily be pedalled, or by simply engaging the quiet engine can be driven at a speed of 35 km per hour. The bike comes standard with front and rear lights, electric horn, chrome engine bars, centre stand and a handy rack.

They are a great deal of fun to ride and real eye catchers.
(Even Catherine Deneuve rode one in 1973).

Easily transported on a bike rack for cars, motorhomes etc. Ideal for use around town, on holiday, shooting down to the shops......a great alternative to the car ! Coeur de la France Ltd is pleased to be able to offer these bikes for sale in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands for the first time.


Frame : Pressed Steel
Engine : Vertical single cylinder 2 stroke, 39.5mm Bore, 0.62 kw, forced air
Cylinder Displacement : 49cc engine de-rated to 300 watts to comply with LTSA regulations regarding power assisted bicycles.
Transmission : Automatic Centrifugal Clutch, Roller Drive diameter 42mm
Brakes : Front and Rear 80mm drums
Top Speed : 35 km per hour
Tank Capacity : 1.4 litres
Fuel Consumption : 1.1 litres per 100 km
Fuel : 91 octane mixed with 3% 2 stroke oil
Catalytic Convertor : Gas emmissions reduced by 90%
Noise Level : 65 db
Weight : 31 kilos
Standard Accessories : Electric horn, Speedometer,
Stop lights, Engine guard
Extra : Saddlebags, Attachable Baskets
Price : Black $1995 NZD - On Special
Bordeaux $1995 NZD - On Special
PLUS : Delivery costs outside of Auckland, Free Delivery Auckland region only

It is required by NZ law to wear a helmet. It is not required (according to LTSA regulations for power assisted bicycles of 300 watts or less) to register these bikes, or have a WOF. Bikes have a 6 month warranty. Spare parts are available.