After longing to visit France for several years, we finally went in April of 2004.  We loved it and were immediately captivated by the people, the food, the wine and just about everything else!  Together with our daughter, Geanina, we found ourselves constantly day dreaming of owning a slice of France ourselves, somewhere we and our extended family could all enjoy in the coming years.   

After trawling the internet we found a charming 3 bedroom chalet with a beautiful tree filled piece of land just outside the medieval village of Crozant.  Crozant is 3 hours South of Paris and is situated in the Creuse department of the Limousin region - the heart of France.  Before we knew it we were off to France twice more to complete the sale.

Having always loved the French look and owning many French interior design books, we decided to change our business to one which meant we could visit France on a more regular basis.  "Coeur de la France" was born.  Literally translated it means "Heart of France" which really is where ours are!

Our little piece of France

We source all our furniture and collectables, which are mostly antique, from the Limousin and from Paris.  While the antique furniture is the main part of our business, we also import French quilts (Boutis) and table linen, Provencal soaps, linen water, room sprays and more.

Antique French furniture can be used with a range of styles, including contemporary furnishings and they look wonderful in any style of house - you do not need to own a villa.  We thoroughly enjoy what we do and hope our furniture will bring pleasure to others.

Anita and Ian Haultain